About Us

Athena Consulting and Psychological Services, LLC is a group of caring and compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists. Because of the large nature of our group we have a clinician that is experienced and knowledgeable about most clinical conditions and situations...

Psychological Treatment

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Marital Counseling
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Abuse and Trauma
  • Learning Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Childhood Disorders
  • ODD
  • Borderline Personality
  • Eating Disorders

Most psychological conditions are treated here at Athena. Please call if you are needing treatment.


The treatment offered at Athena is always confidential. Your decision to seek help is a personal one and we make exceptional efforts to ensure your privacy. We have staffed our group with some of the best clinicians Nashville and Murfreesboro have to offer and we deliver superior help in a very comfortable and professional setting. Your comfort and confidence in the services you receive is the most important thing in assuring effective treatment. We believe you will find this at Athena.