• Weight Related Services

Weight Related Services

Working with people who are struggling with weight issues has been a focus for our group since its inception. We offer specialized treatment for individuals suffering from binge eating and chronic over eating. We work with people who suffer from eating disorders and those who addictively or obsessively overeat. Our treatment ranges from individual psychotherapy to medication management.
We also work closely with local hospitals and surgeons who treat obesity, thorough bariatric surgery. We perform the majority of the pre-operative psychological evaluations for bariatric weight loss surgery in the middle Tennessee region. We work closely with the three major surgical facilities in Nashville. (See our links page for their websites.) We are also an integral part of the aftercare program for Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity, conducting at least three weekly therapeutic support groups at their facility.

Pre-surgical Psychological Evaluations (Weight Loss Surgery)

Athena has been offering psychological evaluations for gastric weight loss surgeries for over 7 years and has conducted more evaluations than any other facility in the state. Most of the surgeons in middle Tennessee exclusively use our services and our evaluations are accepted by all of them. The most important thing you need to know is that the evaluation is not a pass or fail evaluation but is meant to screen for any psychological issues that may inhibit your progress after surgery. Undergoing gastric weight loss surgery is both a personal and medical decision and we are only commenting on the psychological factors that may play a part in your success.

We accept most forms of insurance for this procedure. Most insurance companies cover this procedure, however, deductibles and coinsurance may apply. We will verify your benefits and let you know what your cost will be prior to your appointment.

Why do I have to have this evaluation? This evaluation is recommended for all patients by the National Institute of Health, most surgeons, and most insurance companies. While 25% of Americans suffer from clinical levels of depression, approximately 90% of appropriate candidates for gastric weight loss surgery report significant depression. We often make suggestions to help you through this process and have greater success post-operatively.

We can usually schedule an appointment for you within a couple of days and the results are sent to your surgeon’s office in less than one week’s time after your evaluation. You will be at our office between two and four hours, so dress comfortably and bring reading glasses if needed. The evaluation includes a structured interview by a psychologist and several pencil and paper tests.

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