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Autism: Psychology and Neurology Working Together

We are very happy to announce a very unique diagnostic and treatment option for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. In conjunction with HCA’s new Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Specialty Clinic, Athena is part of a new Neurobehavioral clinic. This will enable families and children to be seen by a Pediatric […]

Aeronautical Neuropsychological Evaluations with Cogscreen AE

Pilots are required to adhere to very strict standards to be medically cleared to fly. This is to assure the safety of the public, especially their passengers. However, like the rest of the American public many will suffer from depression, anxiety, or other psychological conditions during the course of their lives. When pilots seek treatment there are limited […]

Obsessions vs. Preoccupation and Rituals vs. Repetitive Behaviors

Individuals diagnosed with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are often mischaracterized when their behaviors are described. While there is some overlap in the way these conditions manifest, there are core differences in what is happening neurologically and experientially. Persons with OCD struggle with underlying anxiety that causes fear of situations […]

Autism and Intellectual Disability Linked to Environmental Factors According to Research

The University of Chicago Medical Center issued the following news release: Autism and intellectual disability incidence linked with environmental factors An analysis of 100 million US medical records reveals that autism and intellectual disability (ID) rates are correlated at the county level with incidence of genital malformations in newborn males, an indicator of possible congenital […]

Autism is more prevelant according to new CDC numbers

The Centers for Disease Control’s Developmental Disabilities Branch released new data indicating a surge in the diagnosis of autism to 1 in 68 children. This appears to be the result of increased prevalence as well as increased identification. The new awareness among physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as among parents and teachers is […]

Diagnosis and Statistics Manual version 5

There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the new diagnostic criteria with the new Diagnosis and Statistics Manual version 5 by the American Psychiatric Association.  We are now beginning to use the new manual and all of our profession should have made the conversion by October of this year.  Many of the controversy’s […]

Inside the Mindful Mind: How Mindfulness Enhances Emotion Regulation Through Improvements in Executive Control

Although the psychological benefits of mindfulness training on emotion regulation are well-documented, the precise mechanisms underlying these effects remain unclear. In the present account, we propose a new linkage between mindfulness and improved emotion regulation—one that highlights the role played by executive control. Specifically, we suggest that the present-moment awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance that is cultivated by mindfulness training is crucial in promoting executive control because it increases sensitivity to affective cues in the experiential field.