Whittan – Therapy Dog

Hello, my name is Whittan
It will be easy to remember because I am White and Tan.
I am a Therapy Dog with a particular plan.
I like to help people in any way I can.
My owner is Dr. Ihrig and I ride to work with him most days
but my best friend is Dr. Livengood. We love to hang and play.
You may notice that I speak in rhyme,
However, I have very little to say.
I help others with advice that is ever so sage.
I recommend long walks and even longer naps
but the best medicine might be cuddling, perhaps?
I love my patients, those who are sad and those who are shy.
I think it helps to just be by their side.
I have a long resume and an approach tried and true
But if my kind of help is not for you,
That is okay as we have some talented humans too.